Hi, I'm Greg Navis!

I retyped my first program in Motorola 68000 assembly at 7 and have been in love with computing ever since. I programmed in Amiga E, Pascal, BASIC, x86 assembly, Perl, C, C++, Python, Ruby, and JavaScript and built software accross the whole stack — kernel modules, APIs, web apps, frontends.

I’m passionate about building business products and have significant experience in financial software.

I’ve led several development teams, introduced development processes and standards, and helped build and ship numerous software products. I also advised clients on a number of issues ranging from product development to database performance.

I contribute to open source. I built active_record_doctor and bash-ctx based on my consulting experiences. I also added support for PostgreSQL operator classes to Rails and contributed bug fixes to other projects. My writing was published in Ruby Weekly (issues 300 and 312), Postgres Weekly (issues 159 and 165), and Database Weekly (issue 113).