Greg Navis

Is your business overwhelming?

You need to handle so many things at once. You would like to focus on winning bigger and better clients and improving your offering but managing existing work takes a lot of your and your team’s time. You’re often swamped by emails, spreadsheets, Word documents, and paper forms.

Stringent quality, budget and timeline requirements put your team under pressure. Keeping everybody on the same page requires a lot of phone calls, emails, documents, spreadsheets and paper forms. Yet, things slip through the cracks.

You sometimes feel trapped — you can’t find a way to grow the company without sacrificing existing work. You aren’t even considering sacrificing family time as that’s not why you went into business.

If only you could leave the fun parts …

Everybody wants rewarding, creative, and challanging work — including you and your team. Imagine how your company would look like if somebody handled all the mundane stuff:

Too good to be true?

Wrong! Software can make this dream a reality. Software is never tired, sick, or overwhelemend. It works 24/7. It never makes mistakes. It’s blazing fast.

If you had a mobile or web application created specifically to meet your needs you would eliminate mundane work and catapult your business to the next level.

I help companies with 20+ employees to improve business performance using software

Example: payments for 100,000+ invoices

I helped create a financial technology platform that allowed two support people to handle payments for hundredths of thousands of invoices. The system provided:

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